Mission Statement:

The Mission of Northern California Bible College is to provide nationally accredited undergraduate local and distance biblical education. 

Purpose Statement:


  • To serve members of the body of Christ by providing courses of study leading to a non-degree Certificate, as well as Associate and Baccalaureate degrees.

  • To accept transfer credits for appropriate general education courses for all degree-seeking students through a “to be determined” different online educational service.

  • To provide a climate of learning where the student may develop the lifelong habit of critical thinking in the search for truth.

  • To offer students opportunities to improve communication through research, oral, and writing competencies.


  • To assist students in understanding their relationship to God and strengthening their personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

  • To help students cultivate habits of prayer, Bible study, and personal obedience to the teachings of Scripture.

  • To foster in each student a commitment to service in a local church.

  • To encourage student participation and support for world evangelization.


  • To equip students to function as responsible citizens.

  • To encourage students to understand and appreciate other people groups and cultures.

  • To provide students opportunities for developing and using leadership skills.


  • To encourage students to adopt a Biblical approach to all relationships.

  • To challenge students to take personal responsibility for their decisions by developing a lifestyle characterized by integrity.