Total cost for a 3-unit course for full college credit.


Cost of a 3-unit course at the Certificate level. Student does all coursework, but no college credit is given.


Audit: Student attends for their own personal enrichment; no coursework is required and no college credit is given.

Above prices apply for either “live,” “distance,” or “online” classes.

Students taking distance or online classes must prepay tuition and textbooks before receiving course materials.

Students taking live class are to pay within the first two weeks of the quarter.  Students may opt for a 3-month payment plan for an additional $20 finance fee.

All textbooks must be paid in full before taking them home.

Additional Fees:

$50: One-time registration to enter the college

$20: Transcript charge

$300: Graduation charge

$30: Technology fee: Every student, including auditors, is required to pay this fee each quarter to cover the cost of a 3rd party vender (Populi) who provides all college management services.

$20: Payment plan fee

Textbooks are in addition to tuition; most books range from $15 to $30 each.