Students may take Distance Education courses from NCBC using any of following three different formats.

All Distance Education courses taken for credit must be completed within the same 12-week length of time as any regular class, although the student may begin at any time.

The student must engage with the instructor in a substantive and regular manner through the Learning Management System found at You will be given a username and must select a password in order to exchange your assignments and messages with the instructor.

Instructional Methodology

The methods for instruction for distance education include: traditional online format or by listening/viewing the classroom instruction and student interaction via the use of MP3, MP4, DVD or CD recordings. The advantages of these formats is that the student has the flexibility to access, pause, and repeat the instruction until full understanding is achieved, as well as view the lesson at their convenience. The time duration of this distance learning course is the same as that of the live classroom—twelve weeks from start to finish.

Delivery method #1: Online

Delivery method #2: CD

Delivery method #3: DVD

Delivery method #4: MP3/MP4 (flash drive)

Most NCBC courses are available in each of these formats. The flash-drives or discs are either electronically or traditionally mailed to the student, along with the course notebook and any supplementary textbooks, once full payment is received.

Interaction with Faculty

A key component of any successful distance course is the student’s ability to interact with the instructor, along with other distance students. It’s also important that the instructor have the ability to have ongoing dialogue to provide for assessment of the student’s progress and quality of work. Therefore, using the Populi Learning Management System, the instructor will engage the student weekly, in response to the student’s submission of their assigned work. These engagements shall be scheduled and repeated so that the student has a “presence in the classroom” similar to that of students enrolled in live classes.

The distance education format is convenient and adaptable to a busy work and family schedule. For students who enjoy studying independently, this program allows you to engage in class lectures at any time through a laptop, desktop computer, or favorite device. The course note outlines are provided in electronic format, or a printed version can also be purchased for $25.

Additional information:

·       Students pursuing a B.A. or A.A. degree are required to purchase the Accordance Bible Software suite of materials and use these resources in the completion of their course assignments. Accordance Bible Software contains an enormous resource of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Greek and Hebrew reference works, along with an amazing concordance that allows you to instantly find any verse by knowing just a few of the words contained in that verse. NCBC students receive a 50% discount!


·       It is required for the applicant/student to inform NCBC if they have a disability of any kind that requires assistive technology to access web-based information.


The tuition per course is $489 for College Credit; $324 for Certificate; $159 for Auditors. New first-time students will also pay a one-time $50 Application fee.  All students are required to pay a $30 technology fee which covers a three-month period. 


Sample Teaching: