Northern Calif. Bible College | Annual Report

by Pastor David Sell

I’m reminded of the prophetic vision given by the founding president, Pastor Ernest Gentile, at the 2010 Alumni dinner. He saw NCBC resembling a small weed breaking through a crack in the pavement.  Then as time went on, the weed began to rapidly grow, breaking apart the entire sidewalk and becoming a great tree.  In 2018, chunks of concrete began to fly!


In April 2018, NCBC was awarded the certification of “Candidacy” by TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).  Reaching this status means that NCBC has achieved all of the Institutional Requirements required to be considered an accredited college.  This was a major accomplishment and shows that NCBC qualifies to begin the final step toward full accreditation.  We hope to achieve this coming water-mark by the year 2020 as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

The 2018 graduation service was held at Jubilee Christian Center (now Redemption Church Bay Area); a record 38 students received their degree, most of them receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.  Pastor Dick Bernal was our guest speaker.  Following the graduation, each graduate received prophetic direction from an assembly of local prophets who also participated.

Newest Teaching Site:
Next fall quarter, we will open our newest teaching site at the Fountain Church in Pleasanton.  The Fountain Church has recently exploded in new growth and is excited to welcome NCBC into the fabric of their church-life.

Financials for 2018 (more information forthcoming from bookkeeper)

$158,364:  the income from tuition & books:

$53,921: private donations

$206,767: expenses

Net Profit for 2018:  $15,243

*A special thanks to Micki Muir, NCBC accountant and former student!