Ability to Benefit Policy for NCBC

  1. Should an individual without a High School diploma or equivalent seek admission to Northern California Bible College, the following requirements and limitations are established.
    a. An individual not meeting the entrance requirements may be allowed to attend on an audit basis only for up to three classes. These classes may not be used at a later time for college credit leading to a degree or diploma.

    b. Prior to attending a fourth class, the applicant shall, at their own expense and time, take an exam that is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma. Such exams must be in the English language and a passing score is required. (HiSET or High School Equivalency Test, GED or General Educational Development), or similar exam. Written verification of a passing score from the exam agency is required before attendance at the fourth class.

    c. During attendance of up to three courses, the student shall consult with the Chief Academic Officer/Dean regarding the online programs or courses necessary to prepare for the High School equivalency exam the student chooses. NCBC will refer the student to appropriate online training rather than personally provide such services to the student.

    d. Should an individual for whom English is not their first language and without a high school diploma apply, this student is required to take the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language internet Based Test) and achieve a score of 90 out of 120 or higher. This requirement is in addition to the other requirements listed in this policy.