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2016 President’s Annual Report

by Pastor David Sell

I’m reminded of the prophetic vision given by the founding president, Pastor Ernest Gentile, at the 2010 Alumni dinner. He saw NCBC resembling a small weed breaking through a crack in the pavement.  Then as time went on, the weed began to rapidly grow, breaking apart the entire sidewalk and becoming a great tree.  In 2016, it seems that NCBC has at least busted open the concrete.

Enrollment, on-line education & Librarian:
The enrollment of both live classes and distance students reached an all-time record of 230 credit students, along with a number of auditors.  We also launched our online program, adding to the already in existent distance program.  Our first student was a missionary to Malaysia.  We are also happy to introduce Lydia Neeley, as our part-time librarian who specializes in helping students with their Accordance Bible software.

The 2016 graduation service was held at Valley Christian Center; 22 students received their degree, most receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.  Up until now the largest graduation before then had only been 10 students.  Our next graduation will be held in 2018 at Jubilee Christian Center.  We have scheduled this graduation to occur after we anticipate reaching Candidacy status so that each degree comes from a “fully accredited college.”

Newest Teaching Site:
In 2016, we also added a fifth teaching site, Faith Fellowship in San Leandro.  Founding Pastor Gary Mortara, joined the faculty and initiated the new campus with a well-attended course on the Life of Paul.  Through his radio and television ministry, NCBC was also promoted to the Christian listening audience of the Bay Area.

Hiring of New Academic Dean & Formation of Board of Directors:
Our effort to receive full national accreditation through TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) shifted into high gear with the hiring of Dr. Ken Van Meter to serve as our Academic Dean, while David Sell became the new President. Dr. Dan Griffiths will now serve as Faculty Chairman.

Coming under the direction of TRACS, a new Board of Directors assembled to provide proper governance to the College.  Those serving include:  Richard Lietz (chairman), Kathy Stewart (Treasurer), David Sell (Secretary), Pastor Mike Garcia (pastor at Cathedral of Faith), and LeeWei (Informational technology specialist).

Financials for 2016

  • $143,209: the income from tuition & books:
  • $15,020: private donations
  • $155,042:  expenses

Net profit for 2016: $2187

*A special thanks to Micki Muir, NCBC accountant and former student!

Accreditation Progress
In July, 2016, NCBC received the good news that TRACS had accepted our application for accreditation.  This application is only accepted if the applying school meets all ten of their “Institutional Eligibility Requirements,” which we did!  In November, a representative from TRACS visited the campus to insure these were fulfilled.  While here, Dr. Ron Cannon made an interesting statement: “NCBC is the only school we have ever seen that has a central administrative location with multiple teaching sites held at local churches.  This is an innovative new model which we plan to fully support!”

During the second week of May, TRACS will bring their entire evaluation team to Pleasanton to conduct a thorough assessment of NCBC.  We expect there will be recommendations of what we must continue to work on; however, we do anticipate general approval and recommendation that NCBC reach “Candidacy Status.”  In November of this year, Dr. Van Meter and I will attend the annual TRACS conference in Florida to go through the formal proceedings.  Should NCBC be approved at the Candidacy level, the federal government then considers NCBC to be a nationally accredited college.

We are still looking to the Lord for the funding to reach this goal.  We anticipate the cost to reach candidacy status to be approximately $16,000, which we’re believing to raise through the generosity of students, alumni, and friends. 

While here for the graduation service, former President, Ernest Gentile, presented a prophetic exhortation that NCBC is called to a higher dimension of prayer at all levels, especially as we pursue national accreditation. We believe this was a word from God and have since incorporated ten-minutes of corporate prayer into every teaching session.  It has made a difference! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, as NCBC continues to grow into the college that God has ordained.

David Sell, President