Distance Education

Students may take courses from NCBC via distance education in any of three different formats. All distance Education courses taken for credit must be completed within the same 12-week length of time as any regular class, although the student may begin at any time.


The student must engage with the instructor in a substantive and regular manner through the Learning Management System found at www.coursesites.com offered by the Blackboard company. You will be given a username and must select a password in order exchange your assignments and messages with the instructor.


Instructional Methodology

The methods for instruction for distance education are either online or through the use of DVD or CD recordings of the classroom instruction and interaction. The advantage of these formats is that the student has the flexibility to access, pause, and repeat until full understanding is acquired. Likewise, the student can apportion their own time to determine how much of a presentation they choose to access for each learning event or assignment. This pedagogical approach differs from the regular classroom environment, yet has the advantage of being at the student’s discretion. The time duration of this distance learning course is the same as that of the regular classroom, twelve weeks from start to finish.


Format #1 Online

 Only five classes are currently available in this format. They are: Life of Christ 1, Life of Christ 2, Genesis, Acts, and Romans. All delivery of the classroom presentations will be done online through the same website given above.


Format #2 and #3 CD or DVD

All NCBC courses are available in these formats. The discs are mailed to the student, along with the course notebook and any textbooks after full payment is received.

Instructional Methodology


Interaction with Faculty

A key part of any successful course is the student’s ability to interact with the instructor and the instructor’s ability to have ongoing dialogue to provide for assessment of the student’s progress and quality of work. Therefore, using the Blackboard Learning Management System, the instructor will engage the student not less than twice weekly, once at the instructor’s initiative and again in response to the student’s submission of their assigned work. These engagements shall be scheduled and repeated so that the student has a ‘presence in the classroom’ similar to that of regularly enrolled students


The online format is convenient and adaptable to a busy work and family schedule. For students who enjoy studying independently, this program allows you to engage in class lectures at any time through a laptop or desktop computer. The course note outlines are provided in electronic format, or a printed version can also be purchased for $25.



Additional information

  • Students pursuing a BA or AA degree are required to purchase and use the Accordance Software suite of materials and use these resources in the completion of their course assignments.
  • It is required for the applicant/student to inform NCBC if they have a disability of any kind that requires assistive technology to access web-based information.


The tuition per course is $420. New student will also pay the one-time $35 Registration fee.

Joining Efforts with Reasons to Believe

In 2004, a relationship was established between NCBC and Reasons to Believe (RTB) to offer a variety of apologetics classes. These include:

8 Week Courses:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creation and the Bible
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Astronomy and Design
  • Advanced Astronomy and Design
  • World Religions and Science

15 Week Courses:

  • World Religions and Science
  • Advanced Seminar on the Origins of Life
  • Advanced Seminar on Human Origins

For more information about courses and tuition, please vision reasonsinstitute.com.

Reasons to Believe was founded in 1986 for the purpose of integrating the words of the Bible with the record of nature. There is no contradiction between science properly interpreted and understood and the Bible: they mirror the same truth.

Courses taught by RTB are taken online. Each course is worth 3 units. Courses include lectures, textbooks, online interaction, and written assignments. Visit the Reasons Institute web site to find out how to register and tuition cost.

Getting Started
Students may register by contacting Northern California Bible College.

Email: info@ncbc.net
Phone: (925) 846–6464
Address: NCBC, 4439 Stoneridge Dr., Suite 210, Pleasanton, CA 94588

A registration packet will be sent to you. Upon NCBC receiving the Application and Course Order Form, the student will be put in contact with RTB, who will provide the log-in instructions and a brief orientation video on how to take an online course.

Students may also begin the registration process for courses offered by RTB by downloading the NCBC application from their web site.