Those who decide to take classes for college credit must have a high school diploma or have completed the high school proficiency test (GED).

All students who take the first course for credit are required to achieve at least a “C” grade, as evidence of their competency to continue with the program.  Students receiving less than a “C” grade will be refunded their full tuition payment.

NCBC does not discriminate because of race, sex, or national origin.

NCBC does not admit foreign students who do not already have a legitimate visa to enter the United States, and NCBC does not offer any visa services of any kind.

All records required of the Reform Act of 1989 are kept on file for five years.
All files are kept in multiple locations for security purposes.   

Official transcripts from N.C.B.C. should be requested in writing and accompanied by payment of $10.00 per official transcript ordered. Please include the name and address of the institution or person to whom the transcript will be sent.

We work toward making the transfer of your credits successful.  We believe our responsibility includes helping you every step of the way in your academic future.  Our Registrar’s office is always available for counseling on how to get the transfer credit you deserve when you decide to continue your education.  Remember, however, that each institution has its own policies and procedures regarding acceptance of transfer credits.  It is a good idea to discuss your prior training with the college or university you wish to transfer units to before enrolling.  There is no guarantee credits will be accepted.