Certificate/Diploma in Biblical Studies

The Certificate/Diploma in Biblical Studies program is for those persons seeking formal recognition of their commitment to systematically study the Bible, yet not pursuing a formal accredited degree. The student is required to complete any 15 of the courses offered by NCBC with full participation in the assignments and exams. The completion of the Certificate/Diploma program leads to participation in the graduation ceremony while being awarded a diploma that states: “Diploma in Biblical Studies.”

The cost for this program remains significantly lower than the tuition price for accredited classes.  Students are required to also purchase all required textbooks.

A recommended course of study would include:

Life of Christ 1
Life of Christ 2
Life of Moses
Life of David
Spirit of Man
Spirit of God
Book of Revelation
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey
Prison Epistles
Christian’s Mental Health
Should students ever choose to upgrade to “credit” status, they simply pay the difference in tuition, assuming that all the course work has been completed and they meet all graduation requirements.