NCBC Comprehensive Assessment Plan

For the purposes of pursuing excellence in providing a biblical education as well as accreditation by a nationally recognized agency, Northern California Bible College (NCBC) establishes this Comprehensive Assessment Plan (Plan) effective July 2016.

Accreditation Status

October 4, 2016

Dear Students, Friends & Alumni of Northern California Bible College,

By now you should have recently received a letter from our President, Pastor David Sell, which shares many of the encouraging things that are happening at NCBC; including the status of our accreditation, recent graduation, the new teaching site beginning fall 2016 and a Word from God for NCBC going forward.  NCBC seems to be experiencing a season of favor from the Lord, and we are grateful for His blessings!

This letter will serve as an invitation for your continued partnership and support, as we move closer to our goal of accreditation with TRACS.  Up until now, donations for accreditation from students, friends, and alumni have totaled $19,455.00.  This amount has allowed us to make the initial application, and also hire Dr. Ken Van Meter to help with the process.  We are still at least $30,000 - $40,000 short of the total necessary funding for this project.


Late last year, NCBC submitted an initial application to TRACS for accreditation and we received confirmation that our application has been approved and is now officially in the “Application Status” of the process. We thank you for your support which provided the needed $7,500.00 to complete this portion of the process!


The Self Study Proposal has been submitted and approved! Committees are beginning to assemble and work on their designated sections. A TRACS representative visited in late September, and the resulting report provides guidance and emphasis to ensure the proper completing of the Self-Study document.

Self Study

The Self-Study will be completed and submitted by January 2017. Upon approval of the Self-Study, a TRACS visiting team will be scheduled for May 2017, during which the team will visit each instructional location and the NCBC main office.

Determination of Candidacy Status

If everything goes well, NCBC could be approved for Candidate status in October 2017.  This would mean that NCBC would then be able to formally refer to itself as an “accredited college.”  There are still additional steps required to complete the accreditation process, but for the most part, we will have reached a significant milestone along our journey.

NCBC operates as a non-profit corporation, and does not maintain surplus accounts, which allows us to maintain affordable tuition rates.  As we look forward to raising the immediate need of $8000 to cover the cost of our next application fee, would you look to the Lord as to what He might direct you to give.  If you would like to speak with someone on our leadership team, please reach out to Pastor David Sell (, Dr. Dan Griffiths ( or myself, Richard Lietz, NCBC Board Chairman (  Checks can be sent to NCBC at 4439 Stoneridge Dr., Suite 210, Pleasanton, CA 94588, or for online or credit card donations click here.  All donations are tax deductible and will receive a receipt from NCBC.

In closing, we also ask that you participate with us in the mandate from God that was recently given by Ernest Gentile that the school “must rise to a much higher level of prayer in order to attain the accreditation that we seek after.”  Please pray for the teachers, the administration, and the students that we all make the right decisions and gain God’s highest favor.

In Christ,


Richard Lietz

Board Chairman